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The Confectionery Industry News

is a weekly online multimedia Magazine that provides industry professionals with links to the most relevant original stories of the past week relevant to the confectionery and soft drinks industries. 

The news we link to are hand picked and selected for you by our senior analysts and industry veterans.

We bring to you:

Multimedia breaking news, interviews, trends, opinions, facts and figures
from their original sources, in all available formats :

 Text :

  • Articles from the most prestigious Websites, Newspapers and Magazines.

  • Companies and the most prestigious News Agencies Press  Releases

  • Transcripts of conference calls

Pictures :

  • People’s on the move, New Products, Exhibitions, Point of Sales, New Packaging, etc.

Video :

  • Interviews with Business Leaders & analysts, Product Commercials, etc.

Webcast :

  • Quarterly Earning Conference calls by companies CEO & CFO, Companies presentations at major events, etc.

Product Categories :

  • Chocolate & Sugar Confectionery 

  • Soft Drinks 

  • Dairy snacks, desserts & yoghurt

  • Breakfast Cereals & Bars 

  • Ice Creams

News are broken down into : 

  • Companies News ( NPD, Advertising, Distribution, Strategy, Investments, Key Management appointments, etc. )

  • Financial News ( Earnings, M&A, ratings ) 

  • Tax News ( VAT, Excise tax, Customs)

  • Free Trade Agreements & Customs Unions

  • Market News ( Raw Materials trends, Consumer studies )

  • Retailers News ( Modern Trade financials, development strategy and M&A)

  • Food Legislation

  • Nutrition

  • Food Technology

  • World Economics ( consumer and business confidence, GDP evolutions, trend forecasts )


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